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Treatment   Untreated-treated rubies-sapphires for study, reference and research
  "The Heat Treatment of
Alchemy & Science"
by Ted Themelis
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Heat treatment technology
Heat treating ruby-sapphire
Beryllium detection with LIBS
Lead-filled rubies
Cranking up the heat
Treatment disclosure

A REMINDER "Forty years ago, I used to sell Ted's first microscope and other accessories. Before his death, R.T. Liddicoate saId Ted Themelis was one of the three individuals whose ideas pose the greatest threat to the GIA."" Dr.W.Hanneman

About Us

Gemlab was founded in 1975 by Ted Themelis and it is operated by his family. The company has experienced many phases in the gem & jewelry industry Including gem trading, manufacturing of gem instruments, research & development projects, gem treatment services and fabrication of high-temp. furnaces with gem treatment installations around the globe.

For over thirty seven years, Gemlab continues to provide dependable and accurate services to our selected clients. Our focus is dedicated to quality, accuracy, service and speed. Our services are designed to help solve problems, support research & development, and provide guides for quality and assurance control. The following equipment are installed in our gem treatment lab and used in our applications and projects, as well as for training our students:

1 High-Temp (1800oC) electric muffle furnace
2 High-Temp (1700oC) electric muffle furnaces
1 Low-Temp (1100oC) electric muffle furnace for electrolysis
1 High-Temp (1800oC+) LPG-OXY combustion furnace
1 High-pressure-low temp. hydrothermal capsule-vessel
1 High-pressure, low-temp (8,000 psi, 200oC) apparatus

ABOUT Ted Themelis
Ted Themelis received his Bachelor of Science degree from the City University of New York in 1975. He has worked extensively in development, engineering, and manufacturing of innovative gemological testing instruments & apparatuses. Since 1979, he has been i involved in various experimental gemstone enhancement projects, primarily in the heat treatment of ruby-sapphire.

He has traveled extensively, to the most inaccessible gem mining areas in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, S. Africa, Madagascar, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, China, and elsewhere. From 1984-1986, he served as Director of Research & Development of the Accredited Gemologists Association in the USA. He is the author five books; The Heat Treatment of Ruby & Sapphire (first edition sold out, second edition is still available), Beryllium Treated Rubies & Sapphires - sold out, Flux-enhanced Rubies & Sapphires -sold out, Mogok-Valley of Rubies Sapphires, Gems and Mines of Mogok. He has published over 120 articles on gem identification, instrumention, treatments, mining, inclusions and other subjects.

In 1995 he produced the first electric resistance 1800oC furnace on the market, using MoSi2 Kanthal Super 1900oC grade heating elements with full atmospheric control, specifically designed for the heat-treatment of ruby and sapphire. In 2006 he was nominated for the prestigious Bonanno Award of Gemological Excellence.

He maintains state-of-the-art gemstone treatment laboratory in Thailand providing gem treatment technology, equipment, and services to the gem and jewelry industry. In his workshop in Bangkok he fabricates high temperature, high quality, innovative furnaces and special gemological LED microscopes.


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