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Treatment   Untreated-treated rubies-sapphires for study, reference and research
  "The Heat Treatment of
Alchemy & Science"
by Ted Themelis
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Heat treatment technology
Heat treating ruby-sapphire
Beryllium detection with LIBS
Lead-filled rubies
Cranking up the heat
Treatment disclosure

A REMINDER "Forty years ago, I used to sell Ted's first microscope and other accessories. Before his death, R.T. Liddicoate saId Ted Themelis was one of the three individuals whose ideas pose the greatest threat to the GIA."" Dr.W.Hanneman


Gemlab company's sales and service office is located downtown Bangkok, Thailand, a short walk from the the heart of the jewelry district. Our friendly, hardworking staff includes experienced applications and system engineers — whose primary function is to provide first-class technical support before the sale and throughout the useable life of the product.

Safety: All our furnaces are fabricated double-wall construction which together with special refractory insulation provide 'finger-touch' exterior working environment below 55oC.

Long-life parts: All our furnaces use non-toxic refractories to last more than 200 heating cycles before need maintenance. Long-life MoSi2 heating elements with 1810oc temperature deliver 1700oC chamber temperature.

Unique design. Bottom loaded assembly using an electric elevator provides the best proven method of loading -unloading gemstones in the heating chambers. Removable roof facilitates easy replacement of the heating elements. Unique design of muffle tube with water-cooling ports (water-cooling is optional).

Robustness: Heavy-duty steel cabinets and metal assemblies.

Uniform temperature: All our furnaces provide uniform temperature of +/- 2oC in the muffle.

We are a completely integrated furnace fabricator producing the best gemstone furnaces in the market with unmatched customer service, and reasonable prices with installations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, USA, South Korea, India and elsewhere.

Don't waste your time with automated phone systems or email, talk to a LIVE person and get your answers immediately. In Bangkok call 02-676-4851 and speak to Ted Themelis, a 37-year veteran in the gem treatment business.

View of our lab where fabrication of our furnaces takes place.

Assembling elevator Model M50P-1700

Installing the bottom flange of the muffle assembly for M80-1700

Wiring the front panel of MB-1700

Wiring and assembling parts for model M80P-1700


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